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HAMPTON’S KICKBOXING is here and proud to announce having Grand Master Evilázio Feitoza as the head trainer. Grand Master of Muay Thai, the maximum graduation of the modality.

And to achieve this, it took more than 40 years of practice without stopping, with the goal of contributing also to the development of sports in Brazil. Evilázio travels the world to divulge the modality and when he is in the academy, or in any country or city that visits, he makes a point of guiding each practitioner, be he professional or beginner. He also serves as a consultant, speaker, coach and sports promoter in other countries in South America and across Europe.

Muay Thai: The Grand Master is considered the forerunner of martial arts in Ceará, he is a world reference and holder of one of the highest graduations of the modality sporting the 15th Khan (Grand Master) of muay thai, black belt 8º Dan of kickboxing , 5th Dan in full contact and, as a competitor, was five times Brazilian kickboxing champion (1983 to 1987). 

Self Defense: High intensity workouts for the lower body that focus on improving your strength, power, and aesthetics. This class burns fat, increases your heart rate, and shreds your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

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