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Our story begins in the year 1988, when Arjarn Evilázio, returns to the city of Fortaleza, bringing in his luggage a dream. After years in the city of São Paulo, where he studied, worked and trained, he came to the city of Fortaleza with the aim of revolutionizing the world of martial arts in the state of Ceará.

After years of studying Muay Thai techniques, mixed Martial Arts, and also improving his knowledge regarding the structure of bodybuilding academies, Evilázio lands in Fortaleza and founds the Fighter Sport Academy. But as we said at the beginning of our history, not just another gym is born, but a place made and designed for people who wanted what would be best in the state in terms of professional and physical structure.

Some years passed and in 1997, the Fighter Sport Academy, innovated the bouts of fights in the State of Ceará, becoming only gym in the complete structure for the practice of Martial Arts, with boxing ring, octagon and having one of the best mats for Martial Arts practices.

Over the years Fighter Sport Academy has become a reference not only as one of the best places to practice Martial Arts but also with regard to bodybuilding, being one of the academies of Fortaleza with the best equipment to practice this activity.

Now, in 2014 the Fighter Sport Academy in the person of its founder Master Evilázio Feitoza, takes another great leap to become the best place in Fortaleza to practice physical activities and Martial Art.

In a new address, with more space, more comfort, the best professionals, the best service, the Academy Fighter Sport brings its associates, a place with a pool for practicing water aerobics, soccer field socyite, the best equipment for practicing bodybuilding, highly trained teachers as well as one of the best professionals in the country as a master in Muay Tay and in Mixed Martial Arts our master Evilázio Feitoza.

Come check out all this and more that the Fighter Family has to offer you.