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Evilázio Fight Team would like to express its sincerest gratitude to all teachers, participants, collaborators and the press in general who were part of the Cearense Martial Arts Congress. This event, which marked the 36th anniversary of contact sports in the state, was a success thanks to the dedication of all of you.

The Ceará Martial Arts Congress was a unique opportunity for sports enthusiasts to come together and share knowledge and techniques. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the history and legacy of martial arts in the state, especially the initiation of contact sports.

We would like to thank all the teachers who dedicated their time and knowledge to share their skills and experiences with the participants. Their commitment and passion were fundamental to the success of the event.

We also thank all the participants who joined us. Without your presence, the Cearense Martial Arts Congress would not have been possible.

We also want to thank the employees and press in general who helped us publicize the event and win. Your support and dedication did not go unnoticed and were of great importance.

Finally, I would like to express our gratitude to all participants in the Cearense Martial Arts Congress. You made history and helped to further strengthen contact sports in the state. Thank you one more time!