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STF determined that states and municipalities are responsible for the reopening of services

Since the advance of the Coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, several sectors of commerce have been suffering with closed doors, without receiving their customers and consequently without revenue. And among them are many martial arts academies across the country. The sector, which has been growing every year and gaining new followers in all regions, today faces a different routine, with distance training and no scheduled date to return to normal.

For one of the precursors of martial arts in Brazil and a great reference in sport worldwide, the Brazilian Grand Master Evilázio Feitoza, professor at the Fighter Sports academy in New York, activities can be resumed in Brazilian establishments, as long as they adopt the care needed. “The practice of sports is of fundamental importance, as it strengthens organs such as the lungs and heart, but care during this period is extremely necessary. The activities can very well be carried out in places with greater ventilation, respecting the distance with individual training, without physical contact and the hygiene of the equipment must be strict, before and especially after use, in addition to the supervision of the teachers ”, said the master.

When drawing a parallel with the United States, Evilázio regrets the great social difference and lack of planning on the part of the authorities, since the sector, like so many, struggles to survive in times of pandemic. “It is very different, because here (in the United States) the government gives you more conditions and opportunities so that people can stay at home, in fact, and respect social isolation, which is very different from Brazil, but I believe that fight academies can come together and draw up a plan for resuming their activities with full responsibility ”.

Recently, President Jair Bolsonaro included gyms among essential activities, but the Federal Supreme Court (STF) determined that state governments and city halls be responsible for the decision to reopen the sector. While following the impasse over the reopening of academies in Brazil, as well as other sectors of the economy, Evilázio hopes that public policies are put in place to save the thousands of entrepreneurs and practitioners of martial arts in their country of origin.

“We have several renowned names in mixed martial arts, such as Anderson Silva, José Aldo, the brothers (Rodrigo and Rogério) Minotauro, among others, and the damage is enormous, in general, with their academies closed and so many others in several cities of Brazil. Of course, there is concern about the virus, which is dangerous, but I consider it healthy and prudent to return to activities in their respective establishments, as long as they conform to the new rules and recommendations of the health authorities ”, concluded the master.

Evilázio Feitoza remains on Long Island, in the United States, headquarters of his academy, respecting social isolation, but guiding and talking daily with his students and also teachers of mixed martial arts at a distance, respecting all the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO ).