Evilázio Feitoza returns to Ceara in October for another series of seminars and graduations in Muay Thai.
Home News Evilázio Feitoza returns to Ceara in October for another series of seminars and graduations in Muay Thai.

2019.2. It is well known that the search for contact with the origin of a sport is difficult and not everyone has this opportunity. With that in mind, the respected Grand Master Evilázio Fazza, considered the precursor of martial arts in Ceará, will come from New York, United States, where he currently resides for a series of seminars for martial arts lovers in Fortaleza. The date is already set: October 19th!

Evilázio is a world reference and holds one of the highest ranks of the sport sporting Muay Thai’s 15th Khan (Grand Master), black belt 8th Dan of Kickboxing, 5th Dan in Full Contact and as a 6-time Brazilian Kickboxing Champion (1983) to 1987). It is worth remembering that in his vast experience in martial arts already revealed to the world of fighting several top athletes, among them: Thiago Alves (Pitbull) UFC fighter, Paulo Guerreiro, Junior Killer, Andrezinho Nogueira, as well as renowned names like Jorge “Monkey” skater, James Adler, Ricardo Freire, Gabriel Napão, Assuério Silva. It is noteworthy that currently teaches at Academy Hampton’s Academy – Southampton in New York. His fame has also reached other countries in South America, as well as in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, where he is always required as a consultant, speaker, coach and promoter of contact sports in general.

With speech: the master!

“I am very excited for this meeting, the opportunity to meet students who have become friends! Our meeting has become something very charged by the Muay Thai practitioners of the state of Ceara. We are preparing a top quality content that will be passed along with the practical part in order to improve the athletes’ movements. Our gratitude to all the support of the Cearense Muay Thai Federation at this moment, as it demonstrates our union and the concern to form great athletes and obviously great citizens. “Our invitation goes beyond the students, we extend to sports supporters who will also be able to follow all the training at GreenLife Family Club on October 19th,” says Evilázio. The event is organized by Evilazio Fight Team and supported by the Cearense Muay Thai Federation (FCMT), JV Team, GreenLife Family Club. Then schedule for next time.

32 years of Fighter Sport

Founded in 1987 in Fortaleza, the team is synonymous with credibility. Former of some of the biggest names of Vale Tudo and MMA at all times and being considered by many experts one of the leading in Brazil. On November 9th we will have a big event at the Ceará Olympic Training Center (CFO) alluding to the years of service provided to the martial arts; bringing together numerous teams for a mega-class and honors to partners. News soon!

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