Grand Master Evilazio Feitoza comments on legitimacy in the world of struggle
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Much has been discussed in the world of the struggle over the legitimacy of masters and consequently of their ‘disciples’.
Because it is a maximum graduation, the black belt and the black degree should be a decoration not only of fulfilling objective requirements, such as time or medals, but also of understanding some subjective requirements, which vary according to the philosophy of each academy, such as: loyalty; assiduity; way to behave in and out of the gym; actions of honor to the name of the team always guided with ethical values and civic integrity.

Faced with this growing wave of new professors and labor markets that are present around this discussion, the then Grand Master Evilazio Feitoza, a professional who already has a consolidated work, made a point of positioning himself on the subject and publicly naming his students to the students. which recognizes the work and lends its excellence in martial arts.
Check below, the list of GM Evilázio:

Eudoxio Garcia – Marília – SP/BRA
Antônio Gomes (Faísca) – São Paulo – SP/BRA
Thiago (Pit-Bull) Alves – Flórida/USA
Assuério Silva – Curitiba – PR/BRA
Antônio Augusto – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Gilson Malagueta – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Francisco Mosinho – São Paulo – SP/BRA
Cristian Pinheiro – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Wendell Nobre – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Paulo Dantas (Guerreiro) – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Vagner Pinheiro – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Francisco Márcio (Valente) – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Francisco Mendes (Barruada) – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
João Luiz (Andrezinho) – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Manoel Lodovino (Marrom) – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Felipe Vieira – Fortaleza – CE/BRA
Iran Silva – Juazeiro do Norte – Ceará/BRA
Márcio Galvão – Fortaleza – Ceará/BRA
James Adler – São Luiz – Maranhão/BRA
Romário Emanuel Júnior (Killer) – Flórida/USA 
Godofredo Pepey – Fortaleza – Ceará/BRA
Marcos Frazão (China) – Fortaleza – Ceará/BRA  
João Victor Benevides (JV) – Fortaleza – Ceará/BRA
Diego Queiroz (Kamikazi) – Fortaleza – Ceará/BRA
Victor Hugo (Vitão) – Fortaleza – Ceará/BRA
Fábio Rufino (Buakaw) – Fortaleza – Ceará/BRA
Francisco Jorge da Silva – Fortaleza – Ceará/BRA (Homologated)
Erismaldo Rodrigues (Kiko) – Natal – Rio G. do Norte/BRA (Homologated)

With the experience of more than three decades (1980 to 2019 – currently) with Kickboxing, Muay Thai, among others, Grand Master Evilázio Feitoza comments on the question: “It is of the utmost importance that this care be taken in choosing your teacher. The way you will learn is directly linked to who your master is, what his character is and, above all, what his character is, “says Evilázio.