Grand Master Evilazio Feitoza moves to Texas and joins the renowned Grappling Zone academy
Home News Grand Master Evilazio Feitoza moves to Texas and joins the renowned Grappling Zone academy

Admittedly regarded as one of the leading exponents of the martial arts and having had the opportunity to be the Head Coach of Fighter Sport for decades, the Grand Master Evilázio Feitoza launches for yet another challenge. This time the destination is the city of Pearland, Texas. With the rapid growth of Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai around the world in recent years, consequently the creation of new teams, the demand for renowned teachers and instructors has increased. “I had been receiving invitations to return to teaching outside of Brazil for some time, until at the end of 2020, talking to a friend who lives in this city, he invited me to spend some time and get to know the facilities of this project, get to know it up close the work that they had been doing. So after seeing a new teaching methodology up close, with programs to meet the needs of each student and the professionalism of leading these trainings in a professional way was decisive for me to decide to move to Texas. ” says Evilázio.

It is worth mentioning that the Grapplin Zone also becomes another arm of Brazil abroad. There are several athletes who migrate to the country in search of opportunities and good professionals to carry out their training, and once again Evilázio Feitoza makes this bridge between the sport, the practitioner and the expertise in training.

Grappling Zone

In the official social networks of the academy, the welcome to Grand Master Evilázio Feitoza was warm. Follow an excerpt:

Pearland Grappling Zone is happy to have Grand Master of Muay Thai Evilazio Feitoza from Brazil teaching Muay Thai at 11am Monday-Thursday. 6:00pm Monday – Thursday. So moms and dads it’s time to get in shape.


The Evilázio Fight Team goes public thanks for all the support and support to Mr: James Waldely, Mr Héctor Ruiz of the Twin Wolves MMA Team and the opportunity to give the seminar for 2 weeks and of course to the participants. -Jiu-Jiutsu black, Felipe SIlva (Boca), and in particular to master Carlos Rosa (Carlhinho) who undoubtedly did not measure efforts and opened the doors here in Texas.